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PTFE molding machine for gasket

This machine is special design for PTFE gasket, like PTFE gasket for ball valve using

Machine including two chillers, one chiller for cooling the hydraulic oil and one chiller for cooling the powder, make the powder working in same temperature.

Technology specification:

Model: SY-GT150H

Motor Power: 5.5KW

Total Power: 6KW

Production OD range: 50-150mm

Max process high: 2-10mm

Min wall thickness: 2.5mm

RPM range: 6-10RPM(adjustment)

Tolerance for thickness: ±0.1-0.2mm

System: Hydraulic system

Control way: Touch screen and PLC

Air compressor: 0.453/min

Cylinder pressure: 20Ton

Process speed: 1-3pcs/minutes

Raw material: Non free flow powder and free flow powder

Machine measurement: 1300x1300x2000mm

Machine weight: 1500kg

Advantage of machine:

a. Inside have two cooling system: cooling system for powder and cooling system for hydraulic oil.

b. One person can take in charge 10-15set in one time

c. Big barrel can load 10KGS one time

d. Full cabinet for prevent the powder for pollution




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