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PTFE Molding Machine for Electrical PTFE insulation part

PTFE molding machine is special design for PTFE Insulator parts. And Mainly use free flow powder. And according to requirements can make one cave or two cavities. With lower consumption, reduce worker's force and fast production.

Main specification of the machine:

Model: SY-GT40M

Motor power: 1.5KW

Cooling system: make powder working in same temperature

Suit for the OD: 5-40mm

Suit for thickness: 2-8mm

Suit for min wall thickness: 2mm

Tolerance: ±0.08mm

Capacity: 20pcs/minute

Pressure: 5Ton

Machine type: Mechanical

Control way: PLC+touch screen

Mould type: Single or double

Raw material: virgin Free flow PTFE powder

Machine weight: 700kgs

Machine measurement: L: 1200×W: 900×H: 1700mm

Working area: L: 1240×W: 980×H: 1900mm

Advantage of the machine:

1. One person can take in charge for 10-15 set machines

2. Less consumption, one hour only use 1 degree electricity

3. Easy install and remove the mould

4. Full cover prevent the powder pollution

5. While reach set quantity, machine self -stop

6. Without powder, machine self-stop



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