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How to make better-quality PTFE gasket?

Jun. 08, 2021

The most frequently question that we have been asked is what factors affect the quality of PTFE gasket. The answer is the thickness and weight. So it is necessary and important to do the test for different size of thicknesses and weights, and find out the correct one. The test usually last 1-3 days. And it is required after changing to raw materials from other companies.

Equipment needs to be prepared:

1st: Weight Scale (tolerance of 0.001 gram);

2nd: Vernier Caliper (tolerance of 0.01 mm);

Notes for the test:

First, the size of PTFE gasket may be changed after we get it out of the oven. To be specific, the outer and inner diameters of gasket become smaller. And the thickness, meanwhile, will increase around 0.05-0.2 mm according to past experiments.

And then, different samples are compared, so that the company is able to have the most proper one and record data for mass production.

Marketing Manager:

As one of the leading PTFE Machine companies in China, Deqing Hongxing Machine Factory always brings best-quality PTFE Ram Extrusion Machine, PTFE Molding Machine and PTFE products.

Company's Mission:

★ Quality first, Service first, continuous improvement and innovation to satisfy the needs of customers;

My Task as below:

★ Develop for both domestic and foreign market of PTFE industry
★ Assist engineers with technology support
★ Analyze feedback on PTFE Machine performance and effectiveness from customers
★ Responsible for providing on-line or F2F training for customers

★ Provide excellent after-sales service

Business Developer:

When I worked as technology sales manager at Deqing Hongxing Machine Factory, I was responsible for technology support, including but not limit following work:

1. Supply best technology support for customers all over the world

2. Provide high quality service about PTFE molding machine in technology

3. Open up overseas market

4. Visit several foreign countries for helping with set-up of PTFE machines

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General manager

For PTFE molding products, at present have 12 set machine for mass production, and for PTFE sheet...

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